8 Ways to ‘Do Good’ in December


The holidays are a time of cheer, love, and giving! For some people the holidays are the hardest because they don’t have anything and this is where you can do a small thing to make a huge impact! Consider doing one or more of these this holiday season and see how much it can brighten someone’s day and make you feel warm inside as well:

1.  Donate to a charity This can be $5 or $100. Anything helps when you donate to a local or bigger charity.

2.  Volunteer at a homeless shelter, youth, or elder center Spend a few hours a week with people giving them the gift of love and warm meals.

3.  Give food Food banks need non-perishable goods all the time.

4.  Adopt or foster an animal Animal shelters are PACKED during the holiday season and one of those furry friends could be the next member of your family. Save a life and gain a friend.

5.  Give back to schools  Schools always need more supplies.

6.  Give the gift of warmth  Donate old coats to homeless shelters or other clothing drop-off centers

7.  Tip your servers  Servers live off of tips. If they gave you good service, give them a good tip!

8.  Pick an angel from the Salvation Army angel trees  Some parents can’t afford a gift for their child. Buying a simple gift for a kid can make all the difference in their holiday season.


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