4 Ways to put the ‘GIVING’ back in Thanksgiving!


When we think of Thanksgiving, we think of stuffing our faces with delicious food, being around loved ones, and playing board games inside a cozy house…but that is not everyone’s reality this holiday.

There are many people hurting without a home, without food, and/or without family. And the holidays are even harder on them.  Here are a few things you can do this holiday season to help others who are in need:

1.  Inviting others to your home for the holiday

This could be family members, friends, or coworkers. Anyone you know that doesn’t have a place to go this holiday. Some people have family in other states or countries and can’t afford to see them.


2.  Volunteering at a soup kitchen

Check around your town for a soup kitchen. They always need volunteers to help serve the community and it would only take a little bit of your time but will fill your heart with warmth.


3.  Doing a fundraiser

There are many runs and activities on Thanksgiving Day that will get you moving and help you raise money for people in need.


4.  Handing out leftovers to the homeless

There are always plenty of leftovers after the Thanksgiving meal that can easily be put into tupperware containers and handed out to the homeless the day after. Having a warm, home-cooked meal is one of the best things they could receive!



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