The Importance of Determination – By Amy Venner


Back in the 1990s, Amy Venner and Dave Sandoval had a business that made private-label products for a huge international company. Just when they had finally turned a profit, that company (their biggest client) bailed and left them struggling. They were in a desperate financial situation. Amy says that there were times when she thought she and Dave would lose their company completely.

But they persevered.

At that point they knew they needed to put 100% of their effort, focus, and determination into creating their own brand, rather than simply working behind-the-scenes on other companies’ brands. They decided to launch a network marketing company with a culture of people who all believed in the same mission. They called it Platinum Health Products, which is now known as Purium Health Products.

And it took a lot of determination to get there.

Amy, co-owner and president of Purium Health Products, defines determination as “a firmness of purpose”.  She says “it is sticking with what you believe in, even when the odds are stacked against you, and even when people close to you think you should give up.”

She believes that determination is closely related to goal-setting and success. Whether you are launching a new business or getting your health back on track, you have to be determined and motivated to do so. You have to set a goal that you can reach and visualize yourself accomplishing. Both big and small goals are important, as they will “keep your focus and attention, and give you the drive to keep going.” When it comes to your health, Amy believes that your goals should be related to attaining a healthy and nutritious lifestyle and not as much about weight loss (even though that’s an awesome bonus).

It’s important to set the right goals, that will see you through the hard times.

It wasn’t easy for Amy at first to stay motivated and determined to reach the huge goal of bringing awareness of whole food nutrition to the world. It took her many years before she realized that she needed to set smaller goals as milestones. This was very helpful for her and something she suggests doing to help you stay focused and reach your goals, as well.  Once Amy realized the value of setting smaller goals, there was no stopping her! She and Dave were on a road to success, bringing well-being and health through REAL food to everyone.

“It is important to have the BHAG (aka Big Hairy Audacious Goal) but you also need to be able to celebrate along the way, both in your Purium business and in your own personal health. These smaller milestones help you do that!”

Purium has come this far in its success and growth because Amy and Dave didn’t stop. They never gave up or backed down from their goals. “For me, you have to be determined to do something. See it all the way through and then success will naturally come to you.”

Great way of looking at it, Amy! 🙂



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