7 Things To Do Tonight…For A Better Tomorrow!


Mornings can be a battle between you and your alarm clock, while your bed comforts you and tells you to keep sleeping. Unfortunately, you are an adult and you have responsibilities. Let’s look back on a quote from Rugrats:


Okay, maybe it’s not THAT bad but check out this article on eBay for seven things to do tonight that will make tomorrow morning a bit easier!  We’ve listed the highlights below, but please visit the linked article to learn more.

1. Quick tidy up throughout the house.

2. Clean your kitchen, and make sure to run the dishwasher if you have one.

3. Make a realistic list of things to do tomorrow.

4. Choose your outfit for the next day.

5. Set up for breakfast in the morning.

6.  Gather or prepare everything that you’ll take out the door in the morning.

7. Get a good and full night’s sleep by heading to bed early.



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