Pre-Thanksgiving Cleanse – Do You Take the Challenge?


Doing an anabolic cleanse 10 days prior to Thanksgiving can make all the difference in whether you overdo it or not on the holiday. But you don’t want to do just ANY cleanse. Many of the cleanses out there are catabolic and will actually start to break the body down. And while you may lose weight on these other cleanses, you are also likely to be starving and irritable the entire time…and then end up gaining the weight back as soon as you starting drinking water and eating regular food again.

David Sandoval’s 10-Day Transformation Cleanse is different. The super foods included in the 10-Day Transformation provide nature’s highest quality proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibers, in addition to every micronutrient necessary to sustain life. The Transformation Cleanse will not leave you hungry but will change your taste buds so you are more likely to only want pure, clean REAL foods by the time you are done. It can also help break your addictions to sugar and processed foods. This is why we say confidently that David Sandoval’s Cleanse is anabolic (“life-supporting”) and can set the stage for a total transformation and effectively help break the cycle of self-destructive eating. Hopefully it also will inspire you to do more of your own cooking with better, cleaner ingredients for your Thanksgiving recipes, too!

“Our Anabolic Fast supports every metabolic function nutritionally while satisfying your body’s energy needs with an extremely low calorie count.” -David Sandoval, formulator of the 10 Day Transformation.

After completing the 10-Day Cleanse, you will have trained your body to feel full on far fewer calories. You will likely feel that your stomach has “shrunk” and will feel “full” much faster. You will also have gotten in the habit of having a daily green drink. These two factors alone will make you less likely to over indulge on the big day. If you start your day with a green drink and have a 2nd one about 30 minutes or more prior to your Thanksgiving meal, you will have satiated your body on a cellular level and you will have greatly calmed down your sweet tooth!

Of course, another good reason is that if you do the Cleanse prior to the holiday, you will likely lose several pounds or more – and leave yourself with some room to splurge on a slice or two of holiday pie!

10-Day Transformation Overview

  • Power Shake – core nutrition shake. Contains wheatgrass, oat grass, alfalfa, rice bran solubles, activated barley, spirulina and carrot juice. Mother Nature’s multivitamin (from whole food sources!) and an all-natural, stimulant-free energy drink all in one. Comes in Apple Berry or original.
  • Super Amino 23 – perfect vegan protein. Net nitrogen Usage of 99%; causes little to no waste. Proprietary blend made from non-soy legumes. Helps build muscle and burn fat.
  • Apothe-Cherry – an antioxidant rich cherry concentrate that naturally contains melatonin and supports your circadian rhythms. Helps you get deep, rejuvenating sleep!
  • Super Lytes  – not your grandparent’s salt tablet! This blend contains pure Himalayan sea salt, rooibos tea and magnesium and potassium. Super Lytes will help rehydrate you and help your body to make sure your Krebs cycle functions properly during these ten days.
  • Super CleansR – proprietary blend of herbs and superfoods that contribute to the cleansing and elimination of deeply embedded toxins and parasites.


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