Greens on the Go!


Don’t let your busy lifestyle keep you from getting proper nutrition!  Very few of us are getting the bare minimum of 5 servings per day of our greens, and much less the optimal 10 servings per day of fruits and vegetables. Concentrated food powders can help make it much easier to get the nutrition we need.

We all need pure sources of leafy greens, but there is only so much time in the day to eat pounds of kale and wheatgrass!  Dehydrating the juice greatly amps up the nutrient density, saving you time and energy, because it becomes a very concentrated source.

According to David Sandoval, author of The Green Foods Bible, “A fresh glass of wheatgrass is mostly water. Cereal grasses that are dehydrated at low temperatures can preserve all of the plant’s nutrients and enzymes. If you choose a dehydrated cereal grass over fresh, ensure that it is processed at a low temperature (88 degrees Fahrenheit) and not pasteurized, and that it is processed within a few hours of being cut. Dehydrated wheat and barley grass juices are good choices, and can be complemented with the juice of Kamut leaves. All these plants are slightly different in their nutritional composition. Find the ones that work best for you. By refreshing your cells with a variety of green foods, you can go for a lifetime without ever diminishing.” The Green Foods Bible, page 80

Dave’s three favorite green products from his company Purium are:

  1. Best of Greens
  2. Organic Kamut Blend
  3. Cracked Cell Chlorella

We would love to see everyone grow their own “rainbow” garden so that you can eat and juice a wide variety of different color nutrient-rich veggies and fruits. But the reality is that not many of us have the space and time to live solely out of our own garden. In today’s world, where our fruits and veggies are not as nutrient dense as our great-grandparents due to steady soil erosion among other factors, powdered veggie and fruit blends are healthy fast food that can make a big difference in our health!


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