3 Benefits of Morning Yoga


Start your day by doing something good for yourself!

Taking 10 minutes each morning to do these simple yoga poses and breathing exercises will have a positive impact on the rest of your day.  From stress reduction to clarity of thought, our days turn out better when we start with morning yoga.

Here are a few reasons why yoga should be part of your morning routine:

  1. Breathing:  The deep, syncopated breathing in yoga allows you to take in large amounts of fresh oxygen, giving you just the boost of energy and clarity you need first thing in the morning.  When you start your day with proper breathing techniques, it is easier to revisit your breathwork when you need to, during a stressful workday or a busy evening.
  1. Alone time: If you have kids or a busy job, this may be the only “you” time you get! Take this time to breathe. Allow yourself to be present in the moment and not let the stresses of the day worry you. If this is the only time you get to yourself today, appreciate it and let it have a positive influence on the rest of your day.
  1. Weight loss and looking/feeling younger: Yoga will also aid in weight loss and toning your muscles. This will give your skin a tighter and brighter appearance and you will feel much better as well. Plus, how nice will it be to be able to think all day, “I already did my yoga this morning…I’m awesome!”



If you are looking for a more intense 10 minute yoga routine, we recommend following along with David Sandoval as he does the 5 Tibetan Rites yoga routine.

You may also want to try Purium products to supplement your daily yoga practice. Super Lytes may replenish and rehydrate your body and Joint Flex may support healthy joint function and enhance flexibility.



  1. I liked how you talked about how the breathing actually helps you to feel more awake. I never thought that it might help me with being more awake at the start of my day. It’s definitely something I’m curious to try now.

  2. That’s good to know that the increased oxygen that comes with doing yoga could give you an energy boost. I would think that would be a good way to get you up and running in the morning. I’ll have to try doing that as I get ready before work so that I could wake up quicker.

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