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What would I tell the world about food, about life, about attitude, about Purium, if I only had the chance?  Well, I would tell them that once you start to live – once you start to eat clean and green – once you start to feel that incredible feeling that comes from living a Purium Lifestyle, you actually become a member of an exclusive club. In this case, the member incentives are more energy and less discomforts, fewer aches and pains, and having less fat on your body. Getting better sleep and looking younger are pretty nice member rewards the Purium Lifestyle offers as well!

I always say that the quality of the food you eat will equal the quality of the life you live. Of course, it’s not just food choices it’s also everyday choices – how much we exercise, where we live, where we work, and how much stress our bodies are under…these are all important choices that will determine the quality and the length of our life as well. The purpose of this blog is to share with you the insights that will allow you to easily realize the benefits of belonging to this “club,” and help others to join as well. Please enjoy the tips on wellness, nutrition, and fitness. Take advantage of the delicious, health-promoting recipes and the Naturopathic-based ideas on how to de-stress and detox your life. I hope that you will love reading this as much as I will enjoy creating it. I look forward to building our Purium community and communicating with you, my family, on a regular basis.

Dave Sandoval

Co-owner & Founder of Purium Health Products
Formulator of David Sandoval’s 10-Day Celebrity Transformation


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