Success Story: Kim Fanning – I’m Not Pregnant!


“So, when are you due?”

I would like to say that it was in that completely mortifying moment that I started my journey to a healthier, stronger, better life. But it wasn’t.  “Um. I’m not pregnant.”

I was a stay-at-home mother of three and I was miserable. And I felt guilty about it. I never played with my kids. How could I? I didn’t have any energy.  I wasn’t the wife I wanted to be.

I had tried so many other programs and nothing stuck…then I learned about Purium.

I will be honest. Price was absolutely an issue for our family but I told myself if it didn’t work I would just take advantage of the 60-day, money back guarantee. My husband said we should do it together. Believe it or not, we ordered the Platinum Pack in November of all months! Right before Thanksgiving! I lost 11 pounds in 10 days and looked and felt different. Better.

I didn’t receive much of a response when I posted my results to Facebook, but then again, it was November. Maybe people had turkey and pumpkin pie on their minds.

Kim Fanning 1  Kim Fanning 2

I was fine with the lack of response. I had done direct sales in the past and wasn’t necessarily interested in that aspect of Purium. I just loved the product for me and for what it was doing for my family. It brought back a much-needed personal spark to my marriage. I had so much energy for my kids – I was on the floor playing with them all the time. Our refrigerator changed. We became a family embracing the whole foods movement.

Kim Fanning 3

When February came, I decided to share my story on Facebook again. I couldn’t believe the response! Sixty people commented! It completely changed my mind about pursuing Purium as a business. I decided to meet with my upline that month and really try to focus on Purium. I lost another twenty pounds using the Power Shake and completely reset my metabolism.

April was when I had what I would call my A-HA! moment with Purium. That month, I triple-ranked and earned my next transformation. I ranked among the Top 10 enrollees for the month, enrolling people of all ages – from younger people like my husband and me to grandparents. I really began to feel like I was changing people’s lives!

My self-confidence was back!

Now I honestly feel like nothing can stop me. I feel so empowered that I can help people in such a meaningful way without being a doctor. My friends call to say how great they feel using Purium, that their doctors are telling them to keep doing what they’re doing. I have even had friends begin to wean themselves off diabetes medication. I get chills just thinking about it.

Thirty-seven pounds later, I have gone from miserable, dreading even leaving the house because I had zero energy and was ashamed of the way I looked, to wanting to be on stage at Crown next year!

Kim Fanning 4

We are now a family that is championing the whole foods, farm to table movement. My husband has a simple analogy we like to use when we share our story:

“You do regular maintenance on your car, you make sure you take it in for oil changes, you fill it with premium gas…all of this knowing it won’t be the ONLY car you ever own. Why not treat your body, your ONLY body, as well as you treat your vehicle?”

It really is that simple.


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