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Featured,Success Stories,Weight Loss14 Jan , 2016

Success Story: Joe Berardy – The Pen is Mightier than the Fork

It started with my own, personal vanity. It seems like that’s where it starts for everyone. And we’re all looking for a quick fix. As long as it doesn’t kill us, we’ll try just about anything to look better. And then we’ll feel better, right? That’s what we all hope. If only it were that […]

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Family,Motivation,Work14 Jan , 2016

Let it Go! (No, Not the ‘Frozen’ Song)

Heading into a new year we make resolutions and goals of things we are going to do different, things we want to achieve, and good habits we want to add into our lives. We want to add in a healthy diet, we want to work out more, we want to make more money, we want […]

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Aging Gracefully,Dave Sandoval,Nutrition,Research14 Jan , 2016

Debunking the Myth about Detoxing

Why Detox?  People have been asking me what I think about the articles that go viral from time to time that refer to the idea of detoxing or cleansing as being a scam. I’ve read many of the articles and there is some truth to them – but there is also a lot of self-serving […]

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Challenges,Family8 Jan , 2016

Take Control of Emotional Eating

We’ve all had those days or weeks or even months where we are completely stressed out, depressed, bored, anxious, you name it…and we eat everything in sight. We probably don’t even feel hungry but we eat anyway. And honestly, it’s most likely not healthy foods that we’re consuming. This is what we call emotional eating. […]

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Family,Outdoors,Sports8 Jan , 2016

5 Tips to Stay Injury-Free this Winter!

When was the last time that you went skiing or snowboarding? These fun winter sports will keep you active and adventurous all season long! But just like most things, a little preparation goes a long way. Here are five tips to keep you healthy and injury-free this winter:   1. Stretching, cardio and strength training that […]

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Featured,Success Stories,Success Stories7 Jan , 2016

Success Stories: Allison G – Score One for Good Health!

I don’t think enough attention can be given to the value of good health; the value of investing in and maintaining good health. It takes commitment but good health makes anything possible. That’s what Purium has taught me. When my family of six relocated from Hawaii to Washington state in 2008, we didn’t realize it […]

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Workouts31 Dec , 2015

Living Room Workout for New Years Day!

Don’t wait another minute! Start 2016 off on the right foot with a workout you can do anywhere. Try the exercises below while you’re watching the Rose Parade or one of the many football games on New Years Day, right from the comfort of your own home. No equipment needed! 20 jumping jacks 5 push-ups 14 high […]

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Goal Setting31 Dec , 2015

Want to Keep those New Years Resolutions in 2016?

Every year, people make New Year’s Resolutions to better themselves. They start out with big ideas and determination and slowly watch it wither away as their busy lives take over. So how do you make New Year’s Resolutions and actually follow through with them? The answer is to set goals for the year that are […]

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Family,Recipes,This Not That31 Dec , 2015

Healthy Bubbly Drinks for New Years Eve!

When it comes time to bring in the new year we often do a toast with our fancy glasses and sparkling cider (or champagne), wishing everyone a year full of happiness, health, prosperity, and wisdom. What we don’t think about are the artificial ingredients and crazy amounts of sugar that are in these drinks that […]

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Food23 Dec , 2015

10 Tips to Stay Healthy and Active During the Holidays

Between the parties, cooking, family time, work, and stress, it can be very difficult to stick to your healthy eating and exercise routine during the holidays. But it is not impossible and it is not a lost cause! You can still enjoy the holidays without feeling guilty and here’s how: Beat the germs – Wash your […]

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Family23 Dec , 2015

Christmas Activities for the Ho-Ho-Holidays!

The kids are out of school, you have a few days off of work, and you’re ready to relax and spend time with the family but what are you going to do with all this time to get into that Christmas spirit? We have a few suggestions that are either inexpensive or free for some […]

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Recipes23 Dec , 2015

Christmas Purium Cookies That Santa Will L.O.V.

As a child around Christmas time, I always remember baking cookies with my mom for Santa Claus. We would laugh, eat bits of the dough, and make cute Christmas-y shapes so that Santa would be fueled for his trip after leaving my house. What I didn’t think of as a kid was that these sugary […]

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Cooking Tips,Recipes,Research,This Not That23 Dec , 2015

Making the Real Food Revolution a Reality

Being a part of the Real Food Revolution doesn’t mean you are vowing to never eat anything delicious or decadent. It does not mean that you cannot have so-called “comfort foods” or ever eat dessert. It just means that you refuse to fall for clever marketing ploys that have you feeding artificially colored cereals to […]

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Family18 Dec , 2015

5 Homemade Stocking Stuffers that Rock!

Typical stocking stuffers are gift cards, candy, lotions, etc. but why not step it up this year with some DIY thoughtful gifts? We have a few simple (and inexpensive) ideas that will wow your friends and family!   1.   Christmas DIY tea bags with organic whole tea leaves: What you’ll need: Organic whole tea […]

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Dave Sandoval,Greens,Plant Power,Research18 Dec , 2015

How Green Foods Heal – by David Sandoval

How Green Foods Heal – Questions, answers, and observations By David Sandoval With the increased attention being given to alternative healing methods, natural remedies such as green foods (once only used by holistic practitioners and nutritionists) have come under the microscope of scientific double-blind validation.  This intersection of herbology and science is not new. For years […]

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