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Cooking Tips,Education,Family4 Mar , 2016

A Cluttered Kitchen is a Cluttered Body

A cluttered room is a cluttered mind…but did you know that a cluttered kitchen often leads to packing pounds on the body? Messier kitchens may lead to more issues with obesity than cleaner kitchens suggests this article on NPR.   With big families and big appetites, how can we keep our kitchen from making us […]

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Family,Recipes,This Not That11 Feb , 2016

3 Healthy Valentine’s Treats and Recipes

Valentine’s Day is this weekend (*hint hint*)! After seeing last week’s post about unique and fun dates, I’m sure you’ve got some ideas up your sleeve for what you’re going to do with that special someone this weekend. If you planned on buying him or her a box of chocolates, hold off on that for […]

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Family5 Feb , 2016

Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Some people call this the day of love and others refer to it as Singles’ Awareness Day… but no matter what name you have for this holiday we have some unique and fun ideas for you and your significant other (or other single friends)!     Learn Something […]

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Anti-Aging,Family,Motivation,Nutrition,Purium Products,This Not That21 Jan , 2016

Making the Shift to Core3

In today’s world of over processed foods, road rage-inducing commutes, and stressful long work hours…on top of family responsibilities…making time for high-quality nutrition can be a challenge. We are on the go all the time, but more often than not, we are running on empty! Our food is filled with artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, binders, fillers, hormones, pesticides, […]

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Family,Motivation,Work14 Jan , 2016

Let it Go! (No, Not the ‘Frozen’ Song)

Heading into a new year we make resolutions and goals of things we are going to do different, things we want to achieve, and good habits we want to add into our lives. We want to add in a healthy diet, we want to work out more, we want to make more money, we want […]

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Challenges,Family8 Jan , 2016

Take Control of Emotional Eating

We’ve all had those days or weeks or even months where we are completely stressed out, depressed, bored, anxious, you name it…and we eat everything in sight. We probably don’t even feel hungry but we eat anyway. And honestly, it’s most likely not healthy foods that we’re consuming. This is what we call emotional eating. […]

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Family,Outdoors,Sports8 Jan , 2016

5 Tips to Stay Injury-Free this Winter!

When was the last time that you went skiing or snowboarding? These fun winter sports will keep you active and adventurous all season long! But just like most things, a little preparation goes a long way. Here are five tips to keep you healthy and injury-free this winter:   1. Stretching, cardio and strength training that […]

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Family,Recipes,This Not That31 Dec , 2015

Healthy Bubbly Drinks for New Years Eve!

When it comes time to bring in the new year we often do a toast with our fancy glasses and sparkling cider (or champagne), wishing everyone a year full of happiness, health, prosperity, and wisdom. What we don’t think about are the artificial ingredients and crazy amounts of sugar that are in these drinks that […]

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Family23 Dec , 2015

Christmas Activities for the Ho-Ho-Holidays!

The kids are out of school, you have a few days off of work, and you’re ready to relax and spend time with the family but what are you going to do with all this time to get into that Christmas spirit? We have a few suggestions that are either inexpensive or free for some […]

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Family18 Dec , 2015

5 Homemade Stocking Stuffers that Rock!

Typical stocking stuffers are gift cards, candy, lotions, etc. but why not step it up this year with some DIY thoughtful gifts? We have a few simple (and inexpensive) ideas that will wow your friends and family!   1.   Christmas DIY tea bags with organic whole tea leaves: What you’ll need: Organic whole tea […]

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Family10 Dec , 2015

8 Ways to ‘Do Good’ in December

The holidays are a time of cheer, love, and giving! For some people the holidays are the hardest because they don’t have anything and this is where you can do a small thing to make a huge impact! Consider doing one or more of these this holiday season and see how much it can brighten […]

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Dave Sandoval,Family,Kids,Purium Products10 Dec , 2015

Short Attention Span? Here’s a Natural Fix for your Kids!

Is your child having trouble concentrating? Does he or she exhibit a short attention span and impulsivity?  What about hyperactivity? Before getting diagnosed with some sort of disease that warrants a medical prescription, consider these factors that nutritional expert David Sandoval says could be at play… High sugar consumption – destructive, aggressive, and restless behavior […]

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Dave Sandoval,Family,Recipes10 Dec , 2015

Get Creative! Three DIY Gifts using Coconut Oil

Nothing shows people that you love them more than a homemade gift. It shows that you were willing to give up some of your valuable and limited time to make something special for them.  Here are three great options for holiday gifts that use coconut oil (Purium’s Organic Tropic Oil is virgin, hand-poured coconut oil).  You will […]

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Dave Sandoval,Family,Kids,Plant Power,Research,This Not That3 Dec , 2015

Yikes! What Multi-Vitamins are you Feeding Your Kids?

“How can we get more nutrients into our kids’ bodies…and less junk?” That’s the eternal question for parents. So many young bodies are missing out on valuable nutrients that are needed to help them grow. And it can be tricky getting your kids to eat vitamins, so many moms and dads find themselves opting for […]

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Family,Kids26 Nov , 2015

4 Ways to put the ‘GIVING’ back in Thanksgiving!

When we think of Thanksgiving, we think of stuffing our faces with delicious food, being around loved ones, and playing board games inside a cozy house…but that is not everyone’s reality this holiday. There are many people hurting without a home, without food, and/or without family. And the holidays are even harder on them.  Here are […]

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