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The Way To a Person’s Heart…Is Their Gut?

Growing up, you might have heard this phrase a couple times:”The way into someone’s heart is through their stomach.” Your old school parents or grandparents might have said this to remind you of the pressures of singledom…(sigh). The thinly-veiled passive aggression might have actually been dropping some pretty helpful health knowledge, too. Who knew? Turns […]

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FAQ: Flex Foods and Lifestyle Meals

Welcome back to our FAQ series. Today’s installment concerns one of our favorite things in the world: FOOD. If you’ve ever had questions about food, drinks, Flex Foods and Lifestyle Meals, and how these affect each Purium program, read on! What’s the difference between a Flex Meal and a Lifestyle Meal?  If you’ve ever wondered about […]

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FAQs: Tummy Problems?

Welcome back to some FAQs! Today, we dive into the seldom-mentioned, but nevertheless still important, area of reactions and symptoms of our product use. These reactions are not typical to consumer, but either way, its important to stay aware of them. Let’s dive in! Why am I constipated on this program? Water really is the […]

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Is Your Mood Affected by Sleep?

Have you ever woken up in a bad mood? You try to get to bed earlier, but sleep doesn’t come. You try creating a soothing environment for relaxation with darkness, essential oils and even a sound machine, but your brain won’t buy it. Maybe you even turn off all electronics one hour before bed, but […]

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FAQs: Purium Bundles & 10-Day Transformations

We know that healthy living could be tough job, especially when it involves a life-changing Transformation. We’re not saying it’s easy, but it’s worth it and Purium can help you every step of the way. We also know that there are A LOT of questions that need answers. Today marks the start of a new […]

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Aging Gracefully,Anti-Aging,Dave Sandoval,Family,Food,Motivation,News,Nutrition,Plant Power,Purium Products,Research,Sleep,Work2 Feb , 2018

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Everyone can feel a little down now and then. There’s a laundry list of things that can lead to feeling sad and the list of ways to combat that sadness can seem a little bit smaller – especially if we’re feeling low. However, even though that list is shorter in comparison, the actions are much […]

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The Flu Just Got a Little Scarier

We’re in the midst of a crazy flu season and CNN reports that its one of the most severe in recent years. At this point, influenza activity has spread across 49 states (wow, lucky you, Hawaii)! In light of this, a recent study can help us understand just how the flu is affecting us this […]

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Aging Gracefully,Family,Food,News,Nutrition,Plant Power,Purium Products8 Jan , 2018

A Second Brain?

Have you ever had “butterflies” in your stomach? The feeling when you’re so nervous about something (maybe a big day at work or a super hot date) that you actually feel it in your stomach? Or has the feeling of anger or sadness made you completely lose your appetite? Part of the reasoning for this […]

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America’s Most (and Least) Healthiest States

Starting with a fresh foot forward in a new year, it’s important to look back and learn from past triumphs and mistakes. In that spirit, the United Heath Foundation recently released their study on America’s most (and least) healthiest states. The study focused on health-related topics such as percentage of insured residents, prevalence of obesity […]

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Aging Gracefully,Anti-Aging,Athletic Performance,Challenges,Dave Sandoval,Family,Food,Goal Setting,Motivation,Nutrition,Plant Power,Purium Products,Weight Loss5 Jan , 2018

5 Tips to Reach Your Resolutions

So, you decided to make a health resolution in 2018. Maybe your favorite jeans are fitting a little snug (or maybe they “shrunk” in the washer…) or maybe you’re trying to set a good example for your kids—either way, go you! But making the decision is one thing – how do you even start? The […]

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Aging Gracefully,Family,Food,News,Nutrition,Purium Products18 Dec , 2017

We’re on a Mission to Say No to GMO’s

You might have noticed that we are big advocates of non-GMO foods. In fact, have you seen the non-GMO icon (the one with the little butterfly on the logo) on products at the market? Well, that’s the official Non-GMO Project’s logo and we have began the process of getting our own products certified! But, what […]

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Are You Getting Enough (Good) Protein?

Meeting your daily protein goals can be hard. You know that it’s important for muscle gain and fat loss because it boosts metabolism. But did you also know its other benefits? When your body does not get enough protein, it breaks down your muscles and other tissues to get essential amino acids. That can lead […]

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How do you Flex?

When starting any type of Purium program, you’ll likely see the word Flex. A lot. As much as we love seeing you flex your muscles…that’s not the kind of flex we mean. (But do that for your Before and After photos!) Since everyone is unique, all of our programs are designed with a bit of flexibility. […]

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Don’t Take a Chill Pill, Take CHILL Spray

How are you? But, seriously, how are you? Recently the American Psychological Association (APA) released their 2017 Stress in America Survey and… well, let’s just say, we’re worried about you. According to the APA survey, nearly 63% (that’s two-thirds) of Americans surveyed admitted that the approaching future of America is causing them SERIOUS stress. Yikes!  […]

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Forget Energy Drinks, CHARGE Up Instead

You know the feeling: drained, exhausted or fatigued. Maybe it hits you at work, right after lunch (or maybe when you arrive and have no idea how you’re going to make it through the day). Or maybe it happens at home and stops you from working out. Whether it’s a lack of sleep, poor eating […]

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