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Staying Active This Winter

Written by: Purium

There’s just something about exercising outside. The fresh air, the beautiful scenery, and not having to worry about your favorite gym equipment being used. As winter comes upon us you might find it hard to gain the motivation to go out into the cold to get in your morning run. You may want to just cuddle up on the couch with a hot cocoa instead. To keep your motivation strong, think of how far you have come this year with working out… all the challenges you have set out to accomplish and surpassed and all the weight that has been lost. And if your motivation is still just not coming to you, don’t worry, we have some different, fun, and unique exercises to keep you active, motivated, and warm!
  1. Set a goal– Do you want to workout three days a week? Or be able to do 25 pushups? Or finally run a mile? Set a reasonable goal at the beginning of winter to keep you motivated.
  2. Get a gym membership– Sometimes the gym is packed with people and your favorite machine is taken. Try taking a class at your gym or pick the perfect time where there isn’t as many people. Gyms have all the equipment needed to accomplish any goal you have set.
  3. Workout at home– You know all those YouTube videos and exercise videos you can buy? Put one of those on and get sweating!
  4. Get active while cleaning– Put on some music and make your household chores a workout in itself. Any movement is better than just sitting in front of a screen.
  5. Dance– Whether you’re the “going out” type or someone who likes just dancing alone at home, don’t be afraid to get your groove on and burn some calories.
  6. Pick up a winter sport– Have you always wanted to try snowboarding/skiing? Now is the time! These sports will wear you out while giving you and the family some fun memories!




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