First Nature Health Instincts


Living in today’s modern culture, going to the doctor’s office and getting a prescription has become our second nature when battling any kind of healthy issue. Did you hear that? Second nature. So, what’s our first?

It may be so deep-seated that you can’t realize it.

Maybe this will help. Imagine you’re on the second day of a horrific cold. Congestion is in your chest and even your sinuses and pressure in your head is building. While your appetite is low, the idea of warm broth, tea or orange juice may appeal to your senses. These are your first nature instincts. Once you drink some liquids with the nutrients your body craves, you may start to feel better. If you don’t, then you rely on your second nature instincts to get medical advice.

There is no doubt that a doctor’s advice is vital and necessary, but while you wait for your appointment, it doesn’t harm to try some natural remedies. Or, even better, enjoy natural preventions so your health isn’t compromised in the first place.

Here’s some ways you and your families can embrace your first nature instincts.

When it comes to…

  • Sleep: Lavender lotion and essential oils are an excellent sleep aid as is Purium’s Apothe-Cherry.
  • Digestion: Helpful plants like fennel, lavender, mint, and dandelion may alleviate gas and other issues related to digestion . Digestive enzymes that are made from fungi and kelp, like Purium’s Enzyme Advantage may also be helpful.
  • Indigestion: Oranges, grapes, lemons, coriander, cumin, cloves, cardamom and ginger are just a few edibles to ease indigestion.
  • Mood: St. John’s Wort, passionflower and kava kava have been known to naturally ease nerves and uplift moods. Purum White American Ginseng Extract could also be helpful.
  • Energy: Besides Vitamin B and L-tyrosine, wheatgrass does wonders for energy (Purium has lots of green choices for you)! Our Revive-It-All is also an all natural solution.
  • Immunity: Echinacea, zinc, chamomile, garlic, and turmeric are a few common aids to keep your immune system strong. Many of Purium’s green products like Cocoa-Mint Spirulina and Best of Greens can also help keep you healthy.
  • Kids: While your little ones are still little it is vital to their longevity to start them young on whole foods and natural prevention. Keep children’s immunity shielded with Purium’s Immune Shield. Behavioral issues? Check out our In Focus!


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