Easy As 1-2-3: Simplifying Back To School


Summer break is over and kids are headed back to school this week! How are they handling it? Even better question is: how are you handling it? It can be hard to get back into the school routine where a bedtime is necessary, you have very limited time in the mornings, you’re back to packing lunches and it’s time to meet the new teacher! Just because it may be different and a little hard at first, doesn’t mean it has to be stressful.

Here’s a few tips to make going back to school a breeze for you and your littles:

Meet the teacher

Every teacher is different and it’s important that you understand how your kid’s new teacher works. Maybe there will be more homework, certain amount of nightly reading, more field trips this year, etc. It’s good to know all of this ahead of time and make yourself present in every aspect of your kid’s life.

Setting a bedtime

The amount of sleep your child gets each night could be the difference between a focused, happy kid or a grumpy, drowsy kid. Set a bedtime and begin the nightly routine at least 30 minutes before that time to ensure your child gets the rest they need. And whether they get a good night’s rest or not, giving them Purium’s In Focus will help power them through the day in a calm, focused manner.

Morning routine

Have a routine ready for the morning so everything gets done: healthy breakfast (MVP Kids chocolate shake is quick, delicious, and healthy), hair done, clothes on, backpack ready, and teeth brushed. Picking out the clothes the night before with your child could be a fun task for them and make it much easier on you in the morning.

Be sensitive

Keep in mind that the back-to-school transition is an adjustment for everyone. Ask your child how they feel and what are their thoughts about this new year. Let them choose something special for their lunch box or the outfit of their choice (even if you disagree) for school. Help them with their homework and reward them with a game, play date with friends, or time at the park with family.



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