Back To School Lunch Ideas


It’s that time of year again and kids are (finally) heading back to school. The schedule has changed and old lunch making routines have gone down the drain.

Here are some fresh ideas for those lunch boxes!

  • Quinoa with veggies

Cook the quinoa in an organic vegetable broth with some of your kids favorite veggies. Season to a desired taste and pack in a thermos to keep it warm all day. Make a big batch and have leftovers.

  • Apple and almond butter

Kids love to dip everything! Give them a few slices of an organic apple (green or red) with some organic all natural almond butter. They will love it and you’ll feel good about them eating their fruit and nuts!

  • Homemade fruit cups

Cut up a bunch of fresh organic fruits and put them in a BPA free container with a little organic coconut water. Freeze them and they will double as an ice pack for the kids’ lunch!

  • Roasted cauliflower

Healthy “popcorn!” Cut up some organic cauliflower and preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Toss the little florets with coconut oil, Himalayan sea salt and organic garlic. Bake uncovered for 25-30 minutes.

  • MVP Kids chocolate energy bites

This can be their “dessert.” All you need is 1 cup raw organic cashews, 6 organic pitted Medjool dates, 1 scoop MVP powder, 1 teaspoon pure organic vanilla extract, a pinch of Himalayan sea salt and 1 teaspoon organic coconut oil. Pulse everything in a food processor and roll into little balls. Put in the fridge to harden and then enjoy!


Now you can feel comfortable sending your kids off to school with a healthy lunch!


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