New Moms Love Organic Barley Greens


In the 1980’s, Dr. Yasuo Hotta, a research professor at the University of California San Diego discovered

a special fraction in green barley juice which produces an incredible stimulation in restoring cellular DNA.

Dr. Hotta discovered that these phytochemicals found in green barley contribute significantly to the

reparation of DNA. In his research, Dr. Hotta stresses that the substance stimulating the DNA repair has

been found only in significant amounts in green barley leaves. Research done by agronomists shows the

use of barley dates back as early as 8000 B.C. and has been used by the ancient Greeks, Romans,

Chinese, and Egyptians. Green barley juice has since been consumed for its many benefits to human

health and amazingly is one of the only resources on Earth that can provide the human body with the

nutrients it needs from birth through old age.


In today’s world, “eating right” is becoming more and more difficult. It is no surprise that busy new moms

feel it is the best thing they have done for themselves in a long time.


When you are pregnant, it is important to flood your body with tons of good nutritious whole foods.

Organic Barley Green Juice can play a big role in a healthy diet for moms-to- be and moms! Many nursing

women who supplement a healthy diet with cereal grasses such as organic barley green juice are likely to

find an increase in their milk production. Naturopath Michael Wohlfeld recommends adding 2 – 4 servings

per day.


Breastfeeding is a known way to lose weight, but some moms do feel eager to lose more. Just remember

that you have to eat for two! Try combining the Organic Barley Green Juice with Purium’s 10-Day

Transformation cleanse to get in shape faster but make sure to add 1500-2000 calories by adding extra

organic avocados, bananas, raw nuts, raw cheese, fruits and veggies.


Organic Barley Green Juice is not only good for babies in the womb and for their mommies when they are

breastfeeding. Starting babies out early on leafy green drinks helps set them up for a lifetime of good

habits! For babies 6 months and up, Wohlfeld recommends trying ½ teaspoon with about 3 – 4 ounces of

water. Just mix them together thoroughly and put it in a sippy cup. You might be surprised to see your

little one start to crave it after they get a serving or two!


Easy to use and surprisingly palatable, PHP’s Organic Barley Green Juice is grown from select organic

seeds at over 5,000 feet elevation in the mineral rich soil of an ancient volcanic lakebed. Our greens are

vacuum dried at low temperatures (below 88F). Our vacuum drying methods mimic a process found in

nature and require no additives at all. Our greens are completely pure, produced and handled at

temperatures that will preserve their active enzymes and other the nutrients found only in living foods.


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