Checking in and Changing Up Your Workout!


Can you believe it’s been almost seven months since you made that New Year’s resolution to get in shape?

If you’ve kept with it, good for you! However, have you been sticking to the same routine this whole time? Remember that it’s just as important to change your workout regimen as it is to stretch and cool down (you’re doing that too, right?).

The same routine can become boring overtime, which can cause the motivation to lace up your running shoes to dwindle. Even the monotony of the same environment can poorly affect excitement and commitment levels.

If you’re used to running, then switch to cycling! Sick of swimming? Go for a long hike! Plus, it’s summer and outdoor activities are endless.

Don’t forget to hydrate and supply your body with the proper amount of protein and nutrients pre and post workout (may also help your performance and fat burning abilities). We suggest Super Aminos 23 before a workout and a L.O.V. Super Meal afterwards.

Other signs that may be nudging you to change it up:


  • Not seeing results anymore?

If you’ve stopped seeing results, then you may need to start adding extra reps to your weight lifting and time to your cardio routine. Also keep in mind that running isn’t the only cardio exercise out there. Try the elliptical, bicycle, or jumping jacks instead.

  • No longer challenging yourself?

This goes with the above. If you aren’t challenging yourself, you will not see results and you will get bored. You have to learn your limits and push yourself to reach them.

  • Change of goal?

Maybe you began working out to lose weight and have achieved that goal. Congrats! Maybe you’d like to change your goal to target muscle toning or building strength? This will This is a great time to change up your routine now that you are at your goal weight you want to start building your muscle and toning. This is a great time to change up the workout to meet your goals and needs.

  • Injured?

No one wants to get injured but sometimes accidents are out of our control. If you have to stop your routine due to an injury, don’t let that end your commitment to fitness! DO rest that body part but no matter what your injury, there are alternatives that can keep your blood pumping!

Is it time for you to switch it up?!


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