Simple Pleasures For A Special Father’s Day


With Father’s Day around the corner, moms and kids are buzzing about how to celebrate the special men in their lives. Since dads can be easy going, you can look to their simple pleasures to find the perfect way to personalize the day for him. In honor of the dads who make us laugh, give advice, exemplify strength and teach us so much, we share our top 5 dad-inspired activities. Remember though, whatever you end up doing this weekend, the only thing that actually matters is giving your dad some extra love (even if he drives you crazy).

1. Fishing

Fishing is a perfect way to start off the day! Wake up early, grab your gear and head to the water with dad. Even if you only reel in false alarms, the fresh air and conversation will not disappoint. Bonus if you do get a catch… and even better if the one you catch is better than your dad’s.

2. Grill together

Fire and food are a man’s best friend (after dogs). Grab your favorite organic proteins and some fresh asparagus or zucchini, throw it on the grill, and discuss current events while you wait for it to char.

3. Go see a game

It’s baseball season! The shouting, cheering, singing and smell of peanuts is nostalgic, exciting and even comforting.

4. Play your own game

Driveway basketball, front yard catch, or poker in the backyard are some fun at home challenges that keep you outdoors. And, if you feel ambitious, visit your neighborhood park with a Frisbee or a mini golf course for some put-put. To make things more interesting, add your own stakes to boost competition.

5. Build something

Nothing makes a man feel more proud than when he makes something. Build a bird house or help him fix that faucet that your mom keeps mentioning. And, if you argue in the process, all the better for the sake of cliché memories.


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