Feast Like A (Healthy) King On Father’s Day


While “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,” a modern man probably doesn’t want an artery traffic jam in the process. Yet, if you use crafty nutrition big plates of edible pleasure is within wholesome reach. Here are some clean tricks to eat BIG without the BAD for this year’s Father’s Day meal!

Grill: Grilling bumps up the flavor of the food your cooking and it doesn’t seal in butter and oils. Plus, it’s easy to clean!

Lean Protein: A diet high in protein makes you feel full for longer and prevents the Fish provides added The USDA defines lean meat as having less than 10 grams of total fat,

Pure Marinades: Just because you opt for lean proteins like chicken or fish doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor – use herbs, vinegars, and other pure products to boost taste. Things like agave, mustards, ginger, garlic, citrus, and even coconut milk can make for some delicious bases for clean marinades.

Veggie Overload: Vegetables are not a bad thing and there are tons that are so low in calories that your plate can overflow in a good way. Make a few different veggie dishes like a spinach salad, grilled asparagus, and steamed artichokes to help satisfy the starch cravings.

Zoodles: Turn your zucchini into noodles! If you don’t own a spiralizer yet, you might want to grab one ASAP. You can blanch the zoodles in boiling water and plate them with lemon-garlic shrimp, spicy herbed chicken, or citrus grilled salmon.

Dessert: The French say that you should eat something sweet after every meal so your body knows it’s done eating. The thing is, dessert doesn’t have to be Crème Brulee. Nut based products add healthy richness and things like agave, honey, cinnamon, cocoa and coconut to sweeten and flavor. Ideas: a frosty with pureed fruit and yogurt or banana bites with cocoa and coconut.

MockTails: You can substitute your Moscow Mule for a refreshing, guilt free drink. Get creative with sparkling water and mint, citrus, fruit, cucumbers, basil, or frozen berries to add a flavorful chill.

Bring Purium to the Party: Don’t forget to add your Purium products to dishes or drinks you make for the meal!


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