Aloe Vera: The Superb Herb


Reprinted from the Doctor’s Prescription for Healthy Living

The Arsenal of Aloe Vera

If the healing properties of aloe vera are well known, then it should be no surprise to find out the phytochemical sources behind its miracles. Aloe vera provides:

Polymannans – These are the polysaccharides found in aloe vera. Current research is focusing on how these complex sugars aid macrophages and other components of the immune system to “recognize” invasive agents. Of particular note is acemannan, shown to activate several types of white blood cells within the immune system. Acemannan also plays a role in optimizing production of tumor necrosis factor, gamma interferon, and interleukin-1, all of which increase the body’s ability to destroy viruses, bacteria, and tumor cells.

Antioxidants – Aloe supplies vitamins C and E, two critically important free-radical fighting nutrients, along with other top antioxidants, including beta-carotene. Aloe vera can even boost absorption of these two vitamins, according to a report from the University of Scranton, PA, which states how the inner gel fraction of the whole leaf led to substantial increases in bioavailability of vitamins A and C in the subjects tested, by 400 percent and 304 percent, respectively.

Zinc and other minerals – Minerals play a key part in hormone action in body and mind, proper heart function, and maintenance of body organs. Among the nine minerals in aloe, zinc is one of the most beneficial as it is widely recognized for promoting healing. Because of its high zinc content, aloe is also used for helping to prevent enlargement of the prostate gland and for reducing its enlargement.

B- complex vitamins – Aloe contains a brimming supply of the B-complex vitamins, including choline, the precursor of the brain neurotransmitter, acetylcholine, which is of paramount importance to effective thinking and remembering in addition, it contains folic acid, which guards mothers-to-be against giving birth to a child with a neural tube defects. Additionally, folic acid combined with vitamin B6, prevents buildup of homocysteine, one of the most recently discovered contributors to cardiovascular disease and cancer.


The Purium Health Products Advantage
Purium Health Products 40X Aloe Vera Concentrate 5 Big Advantages Over Other Brands:

  1. Clearly identifies source of aloe vera as three to four years of age, the source of the highest antioxidant activity.
  2. More convenient than bulky 32-ounce or larger containers; many liquid aloe products are comprised mainly of water and fiber. Purium removes these and retains biologically active mucopolysaccharides. One teaspoon in water is equal to one cup of many other products.
  3. Because of their concern to bring consumers the very best product, each Purium Health Products 40X batch is assayed with proton and MR analysis to deliver consistent polysaccharides.
  4. Guaranteed to be grown with certified organic methods and avoidance of pesticides to ensure long-term care of the earth.
  5. The greatest concern in the aloe industry is on the issue of adulteration. Although all aloe products today contain preservatives to protect against bacterial contamination, some companies also add cheap fillers and make a false label claim about the product concentration or the amount of aloe solids. This is bad. We must explain the crucial difference between solids and aloe solids contained in liquid or a powder product. For example, you may be led to believe that you are getting 100 % total aloe solids. Tests done show that 20 % is the aloe solid content and the remaining 80 % is starch, which can be purchased for $.50/lb. So, in essence, you are paying five times the money for your aloe solids.


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