Adrenal Burnout by David Sandoval


Many people ask where I learned what I have learned about natural healing and I am always proud to

say that I learned at the feet of people like Ann Wigmore and Bernard Jensen among many others…and

amid all of the lessons that I learned from these icons of naturopathy, perhaps the greatest was the

understanding that ‘supporting the body’ vs. ‘treating the body’ cannot be stressed enough.

Never is that more evident than in the case of our adrenal glands. You don’t get cancer of the adrenal

glands, you don’t ever have to have them removed like your appendix…in fact, most people including

doctors couldn’t find them on an anatomical chart, yet our adrenal glands are our first defense, our final

reserve tank, and our “burst of energy” when it is needed most. The lesson that Bernard Jensen taught

me was a lesson of commonality…and the commonality or the common denominator that could be found

among all people who were diagnosed with disease was the lack of adrenal energy.


So, let me explain, our adrenal glands are responsible for what is called “fight or flight” – it is provided by

adrenalin which is pure rocket fuel for the body. In fact, when certain drugs that release adrenal energy

are taken, someone can be shot and still be unable to be restrained by multiple full grown men…adrenal

energy allows a mother to fight off a bear if her child is threatened…adrenal energy is that heart racing

feeling you get when you get suddenly scared or surprised because nature has a booster that it gives you

when its most needed – the strength to run or the strength to stay and fight. It is often triggered by fear or

threats to our life. Thus, when someone discovers that they have a disease, they quickly deplete their

adrenal stores because of the fear that they feel and then when their bodies need that extra energy to

fight off and win the battle against said disease, the body will not have that energy and the battle is far

less likely to go in their favor.

This was what I learned from Bernard Jensen as I sat by his bedside – he at 93 yrs old and me at 33.

He went on to give me a formula that he had learned while traveling through Asia and while operating as

an American herbalist. He advised me to combine 3 extremely different, yet complimentary herbs from

across the globe: high desert bee pollen, White American ginseng, and Cordycep mushrooms – a unique

combination that taken daily would recharge the adrenal glands, restore that lost energy and turn the

tables in favor of the person who is trying to heal. But we need not be in such desperate straits to suffer

from adrenal burnout…in fact most Americans walk around day to day suffering from this condition

unknowingly.  The symptoms are feeling like you “need” coffee or Red Bull, falling asleep at work or church

and not having gusto or zest for life, or a lack of desire to participate in any activity that might further drain

your energy. The reliance on stimulants to overcome low energy and low motivation can be reversed

naturally with a Bernard Jensen-inspired Purium formula that we call “Bee Energetic™” which includes

those 3 energizing ingredients plus protein-rich, nutrient-dense Spirulina.


My Adrenal Burnout Recovery Plan
If you want to wake up feeling refreshed, try taking Purium’s Apothe-Cherry (tart cherry) concentrate before

going to bed and adding Bee Energetic to your daily regimen for only 1 month – your adrenals could be

recharged for up to 6 months if you follow this regimen diligently! For more extreme cases of adrenal

burnout, doubling the dose and the duration (2 full bottles) is recommended. Athletes, mothers, doctors,

and anyone who needs to stay alert and would like to break their addiction to energy drinks and coffee

should consider this natural solution for a very common modern day problem.


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