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Family,Recipes,This Not That11 Feb , 2016

3 Healthy Valentine’s Treats and Recipes

Valentine’s Day is this weekend (*hint hint*)! After seeing last week’s post about unique and fun dates, I’m sure you’ve got some ideas up your sleeve for what you’re going to do with that special someone this weekend. If you planned on buying him or her a box of chocolates, hold off on that for […]

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Food5 Feb , 2016

Deliciously Healthy Superbowl Snacks for Game Day!

The Super Bowl typically tends to be one of America’s most gluttonous times…something about the combo of being glued to the excitement on TV combined with beer just screams STUFF YOUR FACE WITH SNACKS. This year, let’s commit to finding the cleanest ingredients possible for our grub-fest! No need to opt for “low-fat” this and […]

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Kids,Research5 Feb , 2016

Purium for Kids – Answers to Your Frequently Asked Questions

There have been so many questions about the new kid’s line of products since it first came out! It’s normal, people are curious and want to know what they are about to feed their child. Since Purium launched it, it is safe to assume that it is safe, but, we have heard questions about age requirements as well […]

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Family5 Feb , 2016

Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas!

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Some people call this the day of love and others refer to it as Singles’ Awareness Day… but no matter what name you have for this holiday we have some unique and fun ideas for you and your significant other (or other single friends)!     Learn Something […]

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