Want to Keep those New Years Resolutions in 2016?


Every year, people make New Year’s Resolutions to better themselves. They start out with big ideas and determination and slowly watch it wither away as their busy lives take over. So how do you make New Year’s Resolutions and actually follow through with them?

The answer is to set goals for the year that are attainable.

Sure you may want to say you’ll lose 50 pounds, quit smoking, travel to another country, and learn a new language but unless you have a great exercise and clean eating program, very strong willpower, a supportive group of friends and family, a lot of extra time, and a good amount of money then you’re most likely not going to be able to accomplish all of these. Unfortunately. Setting yourself up with high expectations for the year that you likely won’t be able to achieve will leave you disappointed, upset, and frustrated.

So when you sit down to write out your New Year’s Resolutions this year think about it for a while. Think about how you will make it happen and have a plan. Have a good list of  you want to accomplish these new things… the whys will keep you motivated. If you want to travel, do you have the time and money to make that happen? If you want to quit smoking, do you have the willpower and support group you need? Maybe a more realistic goal would be choosing 1-2 of those as your resolutions. Or to say that you’ll lose 25 pounds, cut back on smoking, and start saving up money and vacation time to travel next year.

If you reach or even exceed these resolutions, you will feel great and accomplished! And if you ever feel like quitting or giving up, remember why you started in the first place!

That is the real goal… to keep going and to be happy with your successes!


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